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Update ** December 27, 2018

Gifts of the Gods won the Book of the Year 2018 Silver Medal!!

I'm pleased to announce Gifts of the Gods: Iron and Bronze has been honored with Book of the Year 2018 Silver Medal Award (Historical Fiction category) from the Coffee Pot Book Club, a literature review site based in the UK. Thank you, Mary Anne!

CPB Book of the Year Silver Medal

Update ** November 8, 2018

Gifts of the Gods is on the market!!

Hi everyone! I am excited to announce my latest book series is available for purchase! All my books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sites. My latest project is a trilogy of Ancient Greece titled Gift of the Gods. The first publication in the series, Iron and Bronze follows 5 different people from all walks of life during the events of the Peloponnesian War that started in 431BC. The 27 year conflict between democratic Athens and militant Sparta is a intriguing mirror image of our present time. The book picks up during the events seen in the movie, The 300 which centers on King Leonidas of Sparta and his brave 300 warriors battling the Persian hordes of Xerxes at Thermopylae, and then showcases the first ten years of the epic war that followed. Gift of the Gods is a historic trilogy you won't want to miss!


I invite you to take a look with me into history - for the past is the window into the future. I have written for both adults and young adults and enjoy storytelling for enjoyment and as a learning tool.

Lewis and Clark: Murder on the Natchez Trace is a suspense thriller that takes place in the early 19th century, framed around the War of 1812 and the famed expedition of 1804-06. It is a deep passion for this type of storytelling that has kept me researching and writing through the long, late night hours!

Texas Freedom: Last Stand at the Alamo is a saga that explores the Texas Revolutionn in the early 1830's, culminating with the Battle of the Alamo in March 1836 and the Battle of San Jacinto two months later. However, the men and women who filled these pages are more than footnotes in history...their lives, loves, and strength of character define them in very unique ways. I was fortunate enough to take a trip to visit the Alamo over the March 6, 2011 weekend which marked the 175th anniversary of the famous battle. I have heavily researched every detail of these events, cutting through the myths and legends so often associated with the Alamo. What you read on these pages and the characters who shaped them, are real and accurate. The lone exceptions are those created for the Step into History Contest 2011.

Crosshairs follows the true stories of three brave young men fighting in the European Theater during the Second World War. They were called to serve their country in times of great conflict and they took on the task without hesitiation. Two of them were pilots flying bombing raids over Germany and occupied Europe and the third was an infantry soldier climbing through the rugged hills of Italy. Their adventures are described in remarkable detail with personal pictures from the men themselves.

The reader, whether he or she realizes it, is learning - about different places, cultures, and history. The best books I grew up with were those that got me to think outside my own comfort zone. All of the places and bygone eras that are visited by my characters have been extensively researched and carefully portrayed. Those places that no one has visited and returned to tell the tale - well, I enjoyed taking some creative license!

Please review my completed manuscripts using the links above, and take a look at the synopsis's and excerpts provided. You can learn more about me and my journey into writing. I hope you come back soon!