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Texas Freedom: Last Stand at the Alamo


175 years ago the vast fertile plains of Texas became a staging area for one of history's most epic conflicts - the battle of the Alamo. Colonists from America came to the Mexican territory looking for a new life and cheap land while others sought out adventure and fortune. However, the Mexican government and its new president, Santa Anna, had a plan of their own.

The ruthlessly ambitious James Bowie, famous backwoodsman and congressman Davy Crockett, and young idealist William Barret Travis forge their own paths to the Mexican badlands. Young newlyweds Almaron and Susanna Dickinson arrive from Tennessee, hoping to start a family together in this wild frontier. No one could foresee the growing political crisis that brought revolution to a small mission on the outskirts of San Antonio de Bexar.

The largely volunteer rebel army of 187 colonists stood defiantly against the hardened forces of 3000 Mexican troops for two weeks in the spring of 1836. The bravery and sacrifice of these men and women gave Texas new heroes and a fiercely guarded independence. Their testament and strength of character is still felt throughout this country as we remember the Alamo.

Texas Freedom