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Gifts of the Gods: Silver and Gold


Gifts of the Gods: Silver and Gold is the second narrative in a trilogy centered on the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens.

Five men and women in Ancient Greece are set on a dangerous journey of self-discovery during the bitter conflict of the Peloponnesian War.

The climatic war between Athens and Sparta is over and, while peace has settled upon the land, bitter factions are at work to resurrect the bloody conflict. The rival superpowers align themselves with new allies and embark on an overseas adventure with far-reaching consequences. The democrats of Athens seek conquest and wealth abroad while the militant Spartans play a deadly gambit to stop them. In the midst of this struggle, one man makes a fateful decision that will change the course of history forever.

As the powerful city-states gather their armies once more, men and women from across the region have far more pressing needs. A harried mother sees her world turned upside down and struggles to make peace with her husband. A rich playboy with grand ideas has finally achieved the power to make those dreams a reality while another agonizes over a promising future that has slowly slipped away. A Spartan officer emerges from his brother's shadow to claim his own stake in the world and wipe away the stain of his ignoble birth. A young slave struggles to find the courage to save, not only himself, but the ones he holds most dear as he discovers the true meaning of family.

Five men and women come together to weave an epic story of conquest, love, betrayal, and sacrifice. Their lives will take on new meaning as the political landscape around them changes irreversibly. How will they navigate these turbulent times and plot their own destiny towards peace?